Hi I'm Madisen! 20. Bay Area, Cali. I'm a basshead and a pothead. EDM, rave, weed, sushi, kitties and Casey.  RAVER(S)

bassPOD | EDC Las Vegas

You always do Armin <3

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newagebass asked: Coke is fun, life is fun. Try drugs for your own perspective and experience. It'll be good because you'll know a little more than those people continually shunning narcotic use because they're continually looking at statistics and negatives.

wooooh!! heart you mark

psychadelicart asked: Psychedelics are mind opening, a rave environment is somewhere you're comftorable and will most likely give you a beautiful experience. Coke is destructive, not that good and pretty addicting. (Imo)

yeah i feel it. i mean im doing it because im curious not because im “yoloing” you know what i mean LOL 

abbreviateddaylight asked: Life is an experience! Why not try everything once!


iriscake asked: don't let anyone tell you coke isn't awesome, because it is. depending on your tolerance you probably need more than you think you do because you know it doesn't last as long as momo/bk/tabs, but have fun :)

thank you!! 


Sunrise EDC day 3 2014.

vndercontrol said: it honestly is a waste of money imo like i would rather roll off tabs or trip before doing coke any day lol but enjoy :)

scary ive never really tripped on anything yet. ive heard i need to be like super super mentally ready or else the whole trip will be bad and that just always made me super scared because i get nervous about trying new things ESPECIALLY DRUGS so that means im not mentally ready LOL

vndercontrol said: Pussy shit compared to Molly lol

coke is pussy shit compared to molly?? idk about that one

leandreberube asked: you know you shouldnt really try, (first bc its dangerous and second bc ive heard people say that cocaine is terrible??)

every thing is dangerous now a days. lol ive heard the opposite actually 

eazy-ebaldo asked: "Cocaine is helluva drug." - Rick James